Here's a sample video that you might enjoy. Notice: Embeded videos actively draw their content from other sites (in this case that are outside of your control. As such the content of embeded videos should be carefully screened prior to posting. To delete this or any other video, simply select the video in the page editor and press the delete key.

To help you get started, some of the most commonly used pages have already been pre-loaded into your new site, assigned custom URLs, and added to the sitewide navigation menu. While videos can be embeded on any page of your site, a page like this one can be used to embed a collection of videos. Embed other people's videos or your own by first uploading them to YouTube, Vimeo, or a similar free service. Then embed videos (like the one above) into any page of your site using the simple "You Tube" button in the page editor.

If you don't need this page, feel free to delete it— just remember that editing, creating, or deleting a page is a separate action from placing it on (or removing it from) the menu.